Animal Retreat

Animal Retreat

adventurous animal game
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Animal Retreat is a free arcade game from It allows you to configure the sound, brightness and controls from the Options section at the main screen, and you can choose between forest, rocks and desert as your stage scenario. At each level you will find new tasks that will be described at the beginning, all you will have to do then is to accomplish those tasks in order to exit to the next level. During the game you are a rabbit that will have to collect all the gems in each different scenario. All gets harder as you access new levels, because the scenarios will have more traps, platform movement, elevators and more dangerous enemies. The only way to access the exit door is to collect all the gems first, and to do so, you will have to jump over all the platforms of the stage. All you will need to control the rabbit is the arrow keys at your keyboard. Pay attention to the time since it is also your enemies, but if you reduce your times you will be priced with extra points.

Augusto Rivera
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